Rediscovering the Waterfront

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A decade after the announcement of the Remaking Our Heartland plan for Punggol, Singapore’s first HDB waterfront town has morphed into a ‘wow’ destination of the north-east region.

Nearly 10 years ago, the ROH plan for Punggol Town was announced. At the heart of the plan was the dream to realise waterfront living for Punggol’s residents, and it spurred the construction of the longest man-made waterway in Singapore.

The results after years of planning and construction are breathtaking. Its iconic Waterway wowed the world and even earned it a nickname: Singapore’s Venice. A new generation of housing projects now line the waterway that weaves through Punggol. Today, the jewel of Singapore’s north-east shines even brighter as the ROH plan is progressively realised, and with more exciting developments on the horizon.

In Malay, ‘punggol’ refers to the act of hurling sticks at tree branches to bring down fruits. The name echoes Punggol’s history as one of Singapore’s oldest settlements and as a fishing village with heavy vegetation and farms. In a prescient way, the name foretold its future as an iconic, vibrant town bearing fruit today that would be undreamed of in the past.

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