Smart Living

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As cutting-edge technologies usher in a new era of Smart HDB homes and towns, will the Smart future change the way we live?

Smart living promises a lifestyle where interconnectivity enabled by technologies will make everything digitally accessible. Some have imagined it to be the magic bullet of the future, where wireless devices would enhance the capacity of humans to rise above limitations of time and space with cognitive networks that shape better functioning environments. While that vision is some way off, for HDB and Singapore, steps have been made to create a smart city and town.


Since the launch of the Smart HDB Town Framework in 2014, smart projects in HDB towns have been test-bedded and refined. Under the Framework, the development and use of modelling tools have helped to design more liveable HDB towns. It also evaluates how smart technologies can be best implemented. Insightful feedback from residents at test-bed sites helped guide the planning of smart initiatives on a larger scale for new housing projects. Partnerships with industry experts have also offered fresh perspectives to enhancing smart solutions.

In the near future, residents of Punggol Northshore district will be the first to experience Smart Living technologies right from the day they move into the flats. We offer a glimpse of a future HDB Smart Home:

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